Super Core Classes are specifically designed to strengthen your core. You don't need to be flexible to participate, just willing to move, work and balance. The poses are straightforward and are choreographed to music. Each class has a theme that's in alignment with a particular idea or philosophy. Classes end with a quotation and a thought for the day. The class goals are to center your mind, body and spirit and to prepare you for what life brings forth. You will also get very strong, if you stick with it. 


I am the founder of Super Core Yoga, and I am a certified 200-hour Yoga Alliance instructor and a long time practitioner

I became an instructor without any intention. I have several serious back issues, including two deformed vertebrae, which cannot be fixed without invasive surgery. The pain, which was ongoing for about two years, had become unbearable, and I began to have numbness in both feet, due to the compression on my spinal cord. My doctor gave me two options, 1) strengthen your core or 2) get surgery.

So I enlisted in a yoga teaching training course and developed sequences in alignment with the strength training that my physical therapist had recommended.


After five weeks of training, my pain had nearly disappeared, my body had changed shape, and I could calm myself when under stress. I also discovered how much I loved teaching and creating classes.

Super Core Yoga was born. Join me! 

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