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We all have special needs: issues within our life and our body, which need love, care and attention, (and maybe a little strengthening). I will design an entire class to meet your special needs and create a playlist for you. In addition, I will practice your class with you refining the class until it's just right.


Your class will be featured for a week during a Super Core class session (when we have them), so you get to practice your class with a group, if you like. Super Core Classes are on hold, because I am excited to practice in person with people. Let's hope that continues.

You will be given a laminated class card, 8.5 by 11, that you can use at any time. Of course, you are encouraged to join group classes and in person sessions at your favorite studio, to vary and grow your practice.

However, your personal class card is there for you when you need it, whether you're traveling, busy or stressed, or you just want to get and stay strong on your own terms on your own schedule. 

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